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    Hinako Sugiura ” Sarusuberi (crape myrtlean Indian lilac)

    杉浦日向子「百日紅」其の三 ” 恋 “

    " Will there be any good when we speak in there ? "

    " It is thought that if I am here , gentle woman is or not come call out …"

    " Do not do boring, somehow. "

    " Like the fool! "

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    The Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans

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    Celebrate International Zine Month!

    The history of zines in popular culture dates back to the mid-twentieth century when science fiction fans created their own publications. By the late 1970s, zines were synonymous with the punk rock DIY attitude – anyone with access to a photocopier could produce a zine about their favorite music. In addition to documenting local or regional fan culture, zines often include interviews with performers and reviews of concerts that cannot be found in mainstream publications, so they make a fantastic and unique popular music research resource!

    Punk magazine was created by cartoonist John Holstrom, publisher Ged Dunn, and “resident punk” Legs McNiel in 1975. It popularized the term “punk rock” to describe the music coming out of the CBGB scene, including the New York Dolls, the MC5, Stooges, and Ramones.

    Images: From Punk.

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    jus hangin with my friends

    Kell egy majom!

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    The Beastie Boys.

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